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Rehearsing Failure

Presented by Theatre Novi Most
January 24 – February 22
Living in exile in Los Angeles after fleeing the Nazis, Brecht rehearses The Life of Galileo with his wife Helene Weigel and two of his former lovers, Elizabeth Hauptmann, a writer, and Ruth Berlau, a director. As they work on this epic history play over the summer of 1947, the themes of Galileo resonate with Brecht’s own life and the unique relationships he had with his collaborators. Rehearsing Failure focuses on Brecht’s ensemble, particularly the women who sacrificed their own recognition to create some of the most important theatre of the twentieth century. With original songs and an unconventional structure, Rehearsing Failure borrows from Brecht’s own playbook – it’s a play that reaches back into history to examine contemporary themes of politics, sex and complicity. By doing so, Rehearsing Failure asks the question: What do you need to survive, as an artist and a person, and what are you willing to sacrifice?

Talk Backs on January 31 and February 12.

Due to artistic choices of the producer, seating capacity is limited for this production. We highly recommend making reservations / purchasing tickets in advance to ensure seating. Thank you.

Performance run time: 70 minutes
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